The Best Way To Get New Clothes And Recycle Your Old Clothes!

You know that it’s getting bad when the new clothes you buy will no longer fit in your wardrobe or cabinet! Fitting my clothes into my wardrobe was like fitting an elephant into a teacup – it just wasn’t happening. This is when I realised that I needed a massive clear out and got in touch with friends about doing a clothes swap.

Clothes swapping is the best thing. You meet with all your friends and each take all your clothes that you no longer want. You then hold up each clothing item and see if it takes any of your friends fancy. Likewise, you may want something that your friend is throwing out, meaning you can go home with a bag full of new clothes without spending any money! There will always be a big pile of clothes that no-one wants which can then be taken to a charity shop or clothes bank – this is what is called a win-win situation. 

clothes swap (5)

 clothes swap

    clothes swap (4)
clothes swap (3)


When we are feeling that our wardrobes are getting too full and we just cannot stop shopping for new clothes, we organise a clothes swap and our issues are solved. Perfect.


clothes swap (7)


clothes swap (1)


clothes swap (8)


clothes swap (9)


It’s so much fun just hanging out with friends and swapping clothes at the same time. It also feels so good to donate the clothes that we don’t want and I love the clothes I get from the clothes swap’s. I hope some of you get inspiration from this to do the same.


Love to all x




    • Hello Sonder says:

      Definitely is! Especially when they are still good clothes that just don’t fit into your everyday outfits anymore 🙂

  1. Tania Pryer says:

    I always take my unused clothes to clothes banks or to the cashforclothes shops that are near me 🙂 I love the idea of the clothes swap with the friends, sadly me and my friend are all different shapes and sizes! Tania xx

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