Improving Your Self-Esteem

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Do you have a low self-esteem? Self-esteem is something that I have always struggled with at different points in my life. It is difficult to feel confident and positive when your self-esteem is at rock bottom. Throughout these last couple of years I have gotten so pissed off with feeling insecure about myself and letting my self-esteem get the better of me, so I went on a mission to improve my self-esteem and accept myself more. This has led me to have a more relaxed and happy outlook on life as I now worry so much less about what I look like or what people think about me.

Have a comfortable and feel-good wardrobe.

When you wake up in the morning, think about what items in your wardrobe best represent you and the person you want to be inside. If I want to feel pretty and girly I tend to go for a skater skirt or a floaty dress. If I want to feel cool and sexy I aim for a leather jacket with biker jeans. The outfit you choose for the day can determine your mood for the day. Wearing something you feel happy and good in sets your self-esteem at a high for the day.

Have a healthy lifestyle.

This can be difficult. It is hard to get into the habit of eating healthily and exercising, especially when that friend is asking you to go out for lunch, or you have a 9-5 job that gives you little time to exercise. But making the time and preparing your week in advance can motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle. For me this is easier said than done but getting those trainers on, or planning that healthy meal is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Changing your routine to fit in that hour at the gym, or making time to go to that yoga class can make all the difference. Whenever I do even 5 minutes of sit ups I always immediately feel better about myself. Or, if you really are struggling to make time to go anywhere, do some yoga at home following ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ on youtube. Her abs yoga routine left my stomach feeling like it had seriously done a major workout without feeling the intensity of being at the gym. Give new things a try and find new recipes to cook. Being healthy doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be both delicious and fun!

Be yourself and be happy with being yourself.

Stop comparing yourself to others!!! You are YOU, and you are beautiful inside and out. No-one else is you, you are unique and amazing. It can be a habit to continually look at what others have got compared to you and this can make you feel so much worse about yourself. Take a minute to think about what you have got – your family and friends who love you and things about yourself that you do like and love. I love my shoulders (a weird thing to love, I know haha, but I always feel good when I have my shoulder’s out!). I also love my eyelashes so I make the effort to put mascara on and show them off every day. Remember what you love about yourself and focus on that, not what you don’t have or wish you had. Free yourself, dance in the streets, sing loudly, cry at films, do whatever it is you do. Do what makes you YOU.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel positive.

Feeling positive is contagious! Surrounding yourself around people who give off positive vibes can improve your mood and, consequently, improve your self-esteem. When I’m feeling miserable I tend to go for a coffee and have a laugh with some friends who make me feel good about myself. My positive friends seem to always compliment me on the outfit I’m wearing that day or how my hair looks which immediately improves my mood. Noticing the positive people in your life and how they make you feel is an important step to improving your self-esteem.

Happiness Starts With YOU.

Love to all x



  1. Michelle says:

    Some great tips here! I love Yoga with Adrienne; I’ve been in a Winter funk and stuck with work but now I have more time on my hands, I definitely want to get back on the mat!

    One other key thing I’ve found is saying no. When I didn’t feel worthy and had low self esteem, I’d take any offer that came my way – friendships, jobs. Many of them weren’t the right fit for me but I didn’t feel I deserved any better. In the last few months, I’ve definitely been learning to say no a lot more and value myself more highly.

    Michelle -x-

    • Hello Sonder says:

      Definitely get back to Yoga with Adrienne! Such a good way to relax and give time to yourself.

      I agree with saying no! Putting yourself first and thinking about what you want is so much more important. I have, too, said yes to things that were not right for me and this led me down a deeper spiral of anxiety and low self-worth. It makes me happy that you are now valuing yourself more highly, I fully believe that in order to be a happier person you have to take care of yourself first.


    • Hello Sonder says:

      I actually had a huge clear out of my clothes recently and got rid of all the clothes that make don’t make me feel good! Feeling good in what you wear can have a huge impact on your confidence. 🙂
      Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!
      Hello Sonder x

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