The Ultimate State Of Happiness


Have you ever been in such a euphoric, momentary state that you feel you are going to burst with happiness? Have you ever walked or run along a beach and felt the sand beneath your feet, the wind in your hair, felt like you are the only person in the world? Have you ever climbed a mountain and felt your body racing with pride when you reach the final steps to the top?This is the feeling of flow.

The secret to happiness is not so much of a secret, but a state of being. I believe that the idea of FLOW is an amazing concept and I can relate to the happiness felt in the ultimate state of being when you are at the peak of flow. It is possible for any single person to experience flow if they let themselves go and give their mind fully to the activity they are doing.

flow 3

Flow can be described as the best moments in life where you are pushing yourself to your absolute limit in a positive and encouraging way. My posts on challenging yourself and the ultimate guide to happiness can be used to step in the direction of achieving flow. Flow is the state of being where you are feeling the best version of yourself, doing something that is pushing you and challenging you, but worthwhile and meaningful at the same time. Perhaps it is when you are skiing down a mountain and you are finally in control after days of falling over and getting back up. Or perhaps when you a running in the countryside and you are finally at a point where you are at one with the surroundings and beat your best time yet. Flow can be achieved in any situation as long as it is forcing you to do something beyond your comfort one and stretching yourself to your best abilities. It is when you get to the ultimate point that there is no effort to what you are doing, just pure pleasure, full concentration and euphoria. Amazing. Perfect.

Think about if you have ever experienced flow. It can come at times when you least expect it, like when you are walking beside a river on a beautiful sunny day and feel that burst of unique happiness that you can’t contain. My experience of flow is climbing a mountain (I describe my climb up the tallest mountain in the UK here). I start off feeling very weak and the start of the climb is an effort and arduous, however, when I start to get to the top my heart starts beating fast, my legs start to move effortlessly and when I get to the last short climb I run with all my power to get to the top. My heart is pumping and my body is like a feather as I get closer and closer to the top. Then as a I reach the highest point, everything stops. I feel as though the world has stopped around me and everything is blissful, easy, relaxed and pure.

This is flow.

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