The Ultimate Guide To Happiness

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Being happy is a life goal for everyone. However, to be happy it’s not about a goal or a destination, it’s about the journey throughout your whole life. I have fallen into the trap in the past of thinking that ‘I will be happy when I finish university, or when I I have a job that I love or when this and that happens’, but this can lead you into a deeper whole of negativity than when you started. I have begun to realise that being ‘congruent’, or ‘genuine’ within yourself can lead to a much more fulfilling and happy life. I have gone through the most part of my life not being myself, being someone who I think I should be in different situations, and now that I am beginning to change that I can feel something different happening inside of me. I long to be myself in all situations (something that is actually very difficult to do but very rewarding when it is done). It is difficult to let out your quirky, unique self and show everyone who you actually are but this can take you down a very gratifying and rewarding path.

So, without further ado, here is a list of things that I have found can lead to a happy lifestyle:

  • Think about what YOU want. It can be easy to get into the habit of doing things for other people and not yourself. Just take a step back and think about what genuinely makes you happy for you and not for anyone else.
  • Think about how you are feeling in every situation. If you are feeling unhappy in your job or in your relationships or another situation, think about what is making you unhappy and make a change. Likewise, take a moment to think about when you are at your most happiest, how can you have more of them moments?
  • Be YOU, Do YOU. Being yourself is very important when happiness comes into it. How can you be happy if you are not being yourself all of the time? There are many different versions of yourself but it is important to remember to just be you. You are amazing and you should show everyone who you are and what you’re about.
  • Be mindful and present. Being present and mindful of what is happening currently keeps you in the moment and can lead to a better self-awareness. It can also help you to enjoy the present in a more substantial way rather than dwelling on either the past or future. If you are driving your car try to turn the radio off and be present in the moment, or go for a walk and listen to the wind and the birds around you.
  • Exercise and aim towards flow. Exercise stimulates the body in a way that nothing else does and can release endorphin’s that can make you feel positive and energised. Exercise is a great way to make you feel good about yourself and if it’s something you love then ‘flow – the ultimate state of happiness’ can be achieved.
  • Enjoy the little things. Take time to notice the small things, whether it is a kiss on the cheek from someone who loves you, or the way the sun feels on your skin. Noticing and enjoying the little things can ground you, bringing you back to the simple things in life.

Love to all x


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