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So I can finally say it… University is over! I wish I could write a big long speech about how it was the best time of my life and that I wish I wasn’t leaving but it just wouldn’t be true. To be honest, I am thoroughly glad that it is over! To say it was not the best time of my life would be an understatement, it has been full of so many ups and downs and the stress and anxiety I have experienced over the past three years is unbelievable.

However, I have made lifelong friends that will stay in my life and in my heart forever! Through the best and worst of times they have gone through it with me and shared my stress and worry. So there has been some good come out of this experience… along with my degree in psychology!

University has also been something that has changed me and helped me develop as a person. I started university as a shy young girl who was worried about the slightest change, or the slightest bad grade, or the slightest ANYTHING! I feel like I now have my own views and opinions and can happily sit and have a conversation with someone without feeling worried.

choosing to do psychology as a subject, I feel this was the best decision I have made, minus the stress and anxiety from exams and assignments and results. This is because it has helped me to understand every single person in a different way, without judgement or stereotyping, and to see situations and behaviours from their point of view. This has been the most important change to me as it allows me to put aside everything that could restrict me from understanding other people and decisions they make. Perhaps the behaviours they do are a cry for attention? Or an act of kindness? Or a hint of jealousy or regret? My Psychology degree has taught me that everybody has a mind and an opinion and it is looking past people’s actions and behaviours that will allow me to fully understand who they really are on the inside. This is the most important thing that I have learned from university.

On the other hand, it is important that although it has been a very stressful time of my life, I do not regret doing it. The only reason I stayed on the course and did not quit at the worst of times is because I believed in the subject, not the university or the assignments or the exams, but what psychology was trying to bring to the world… more acceptance, understanding and trying to help!

My graduation was a good end to the three years. I almost decided not to go to graduation as I hadn’t enjoyed university that much but when I found out that I received a 2-1 degree I decided to go and I was so pleased I made that decision! The graduation experience was the perfect closure and even made me a bit teary that I made it to the end and didn’t go crazy in the meantime! I was also lucky enough to be given the beautiful Tiffany necklace as a graduation present from my Dad and Stepmum, something that I wore proudly on my graduation day.

Overall, whatever the outcome of my degree, the experience has been one of a kind. I believe that you should only go to university if you believe in what you want to do as it is a tough journey but can lead on to exciting opportunities in your life.

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