Embracing My Insecurity

old mind

The youth of this generation, which includes myself, have so much pressure to succeed. It really frustrates me how there is so much pressure for us to succeed everywhere; the media being the prime suspects who give examples of ‘the perfect life’, ‘the perfect career’ or ‘the perfect body’. And, if that wasn’t enough pressure already, on top of all that are the usual everyday insecurities that every person faces. My insecurities can be about my body, my voice, my face, my height, clothes, everything! Add this all together and what we have is a recipe for failure – the complete opposite of what society wants.

Today I want to write about something that has been an issue and has been on my mind since I began my career life. My face. I have been made very aware of the fact that my face is very young for my age and, along with all the other pressures, this can have consequences in my working life. To put it into perspective, I recently worked at a special school as part of my job and was faced with another member of staff pointing out in front of all the students and other staff that I ‘look so young I could be a student’. Now, although this doesn’t seem to be all that bad, it can have knock on effects on how the students treat me and see me; they may not respect someone if they are seen as ‘young’. So, it really pisses me off when someone makes comments like this and doesn’t realise the effect it can have. I have brought this issue up in other areas of my life and I often get told, ‘that’s a good thing to have a young face!’ or, ‘you’ll be pleased when you’re 30 and look 20’. Although this may be true, I believe that it is important to take a step back and realise the impact this can have.

In other ways this can be a good thing. I am so aware of how far I have come in such a short amount of time and, at 20 something years old, I am proud of what I have accomplished and achieved. Sometimes I even think about my age and am shocked by how young I am as my mind just feels so old. Having this young face on my old mind shows me, and those around me, how mature I have become for someone so young. I am also incredibly happy to be so young and to realise that I am not just going to play along with what society wants. Some people go through their whole life without a thought for themselves and then realise when it’s too late that they were searching for the non-existent ‘perfect life’.

Right now it is difficult to always be able to embrace the youthful look in my appearance but it is a working progress. Feeling insecure about myself can only make me appear younger which is the opposite of what I want, so it is important to embrace my appearance and carry on being myself. Do you have any insecurities that you are aware of? That you need to embrace and feel proud of rather than shying away from? Let this be the first day for you to embrace your insecurities and lead a more positive, happy life.

Love to all x


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