Why You Should Challenge Yourself More


There’s a saying, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”. This is a sound piece of advice to live by. As the world around you changes and develops, it is vital that you be a part of that changing process, and one of the only ways to do this is to challenge yourself every day, every week, every month.. Always. Throughout your childhood you are always encouraged to challenge yourself; do a presentation in front of a class full of others, do a worksheet that is difficult, challenge yourself to be better than you already are… and this is what has helped you to grow and achieve as a person. As an adult it is easy to play it safe and be content with having a life that doesn’t push you to your limit, to help you be the best that you can be.

So, if I haven’t persuaded you already, I have come up with a list of 5 reasons for why challenging yourself is a good thing:


  • Challenge and success walk hand in hand together. In order to be successful, it is important to go out there and push yourself to the limit.


  • Challenging yourself causes you to grow and develop as a person. It helps you to flourish into the person you strive to be.


  • Challenging yourself increases confidence. It helps you to achieve things you never felt able to do. Positivity and self-acceptance beam out of challenges.


  • Challenging yourself helps you to make the most out of your life. Why be on this earth if you aren’t going to make the most out of it and think ‘yes, I did all I could and all I wanted’ at the end.


  • Challenging yourself can help with resistance. Things are not always going to work out but challenges can help you build a resistance to the bad things that also come with life. This is all part of growing to your fullest potential.


If I do anything today, it is to encourage you to do something to challenge yourself in order to continually growing as a person and to become the best version of yourself that you can be.

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