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stella and dotStella and Dot isn’t really a brand I have noticed until recently, but now I love the brand! They are an interesting company who have originated from an incredibly dedicated woman named Jessica Herrin in 2003 who started off designing jewellery on her evenings and weekends (I love these stories of people building a company from a little idea in their family home). She finally got an office (instead of her living room) in 2006 and the company got bigger from then on. They then first launched themselves in the UK in 2011. This is where I come into it!

My Stepmum’s mother passed away from breast cancer a few years ago and, following that, she has been on the lookout for companies that donate to cancer research and cancer awareness. Not long ago I was struggling with university work and stress from the pressure I put on myself and she gave me this necklace in order to give me hope for the future. I found out that 20% of the retail price from the sale of this necklace goes to Breakthrough breast cancer awareness. This means that for every necklace bought (£32), £6.40 of it goes to the charity which is a huge amount! So that means if 100 people buy this necklace then £640 will be donated to Breakthrough in order to raise more awareness. Amazing. It goes towards helping people like my stepmum’s mother.

I love that I own this beautiful necklace, and on the days that I wear it I just remember the struggle that a lot of families, including mine, have gone through and it shows me that there is hope. Hope not only for survival, but hope for a life worth living after cancer has taken a loved one from us.

You can visit the Stella and Dot website here to view their jewelry or to find out more about their charity donations click here.

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